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The Great White Sands of Boracay and More

Boracay White Beach

Boracay Island, part of the Western Visayas island-group, is located at the northern tip of Panay Island and borders the provinces of Mindoro to the northwest and Romblon to the north. Known for its crystalline waters and powder-white fine sand beaches, Boracay is not new to many sun-loving Western and European travellers. In fact, Boracay is known as being among the world’s best beaches, named twice by the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook. And the place is no stranger to French, German, Spanish, American and British nationalities who have included Boracay in their list of holiday destinations.

The island is, in a nutshell, a fusion of the Asian culture with Western influence, managing to preserve its local flavour despite the waves of foreign guests visiting the place. Boracay is the Philippines’ island paradise and proof to that is the island’s year-long calendared social events and activities for guests coming in from different parts of the world, any time of the year.

Parasailing – Boracay Activity

Boracay Activities

Boracay island offers a varied lot to the travellers – beach-front hotels for those who want to just lounge and enjoy the sun; water sports activities like sailing, snorkelling, wind surfing, jet skiing and diving are for the action-seekers; beach bars and restaurants for the nightlife and party lovers; stretches of white-sand beaches for the swimmers.

There are many recreational and sports activities offered by Boracay. Scuba-diving along the White Beach is the best way to explore the underwater resources of the place. Boracay has about 25-30 dive sites ranging from beginners to advanced level. Scuba divers’ interests would be Angol Point, Crocodile Island and Yapak. The last one is suited only for the advanced level divers as the currents in this wall are strong and sharks and stingrays may occasionally make themselves visible.

Aside from scuba diving, the place offers boat tours – the best way to enjoy the beauty of Boracay is aboard a paraw (a local sailboat). Sailboating ang kayaking are two popular water sports activities in the island. In fact, Boracay plays host to the annual Paraw Regatta – this is an international sailboat race where the local paraws (sailboat) are used instead of the usual sailboats.

As if the water sports are not enough, Boracay offers yet other challenging adventures like trekking and mountain biking for those who love the outdoors. The rocky cliffs, hidden coves and pockets of isolated beaches become secret discoveries of the adventurous travellers.

What Beach and Where?

Boracay Beach Activity

Island guests are given the options on how they can best spend their holidays in Boracay. One common thing everyone will be doing at one point is exploring the many beaches that lined the shorelines. There’s White Beach – this is the commercial center and therefore most people go to this beach; Puka Beach – named after the puka shells which are abundant in this beach stretch, this is less frequented by the guests; Baling Hai Beach – this is the quiet little cove for snorkelling, diving and swimming and Bulabog Beach – this is the kiteboarders’ haven.

Not really Western

No doubt the place is teeming with westerners and other nationalities with some even making Boracay their second home. While Boracay has become the melting pot for sun and beach worshipers from all over the world, the place has maintained its local behavioral codes which amazingly are respected by the foreigners – no nudity, no brawling and no loud commotions. It is an ordinary sight – tourists having massage services under the coconut tree near the shoreline, and the relaxed atmosphere extends to walking barefoot or disco dancing on the beach sand.

With all of these on your plate, do you have enough time to enjoy the whole of Boracay experience?


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