Boracay – World’s Best Island Getaway


News break! Boracay named by Travel + Leisure magazine as the World’s Best Island Getaway! It finally beat Bali Island, now in number 2.

Boracay, while noticed by and known to many travellers and tourists from all over the world is finally given official international recognition on that note. Making it to the top award speaks volume about this wonderful place in the Philippines which you can find in Western Visayas, bordering the provinces of Mindoro and Romblon to the northwest and north, respectively. The award is a re-affirmation of Boracay’s world-class stature.

One need not wait for summer to enjoy the beauty of the island. Truth is, international visitors come and go all year round, although the peak season is from March to June, when the island becomes a melting pot of both local and foreign holidaymakers. The local tourists timed their visit with the celebration of the Lenten Season and the foreigners just needed the time to dip in the crystal clear waters of Boracay.

What’s best about this Island is – everything! The white, talcum-fine beach sand, temperate weather and the sparkling crystalline waters are complemented by world-class resort hotels, bars and restaurants, all so fitting for international visitors. Taking an island tour will give you the best snapshot of the interesting places like Puka Beach, the Crystal Cave, the Bat Cave, the White Beach, Baling Hai Beach to name a few.

The White Beach – This is what most of the visitors look for when they come to Boracay. This four-kilometer stretch of powder-like white sand providing good frontage for the crystal clear blue waters, is also the commercial area of the island. Shady palm trees make for a good dividing line between restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and bakeries. Tourists who love the sun will enjoy basking and stretching out on the beach or on rented reclining chairs or under the shade of the palm trees.

The Puka Beach – This is a quiet stretch of white sand against azure water which is in high contrast to the White Beach’s noise and activities. Puka Beach has more coarse sand and is the place where the locals gather their small puka shells which they use to create some ornamental jewellery. This beach has limited commercial activity and people usually get to this place as one of the stop-over for a day tour itinerary. Puka Beach is a good spot for picnics though.

Baling Hai Beach – This is a quiet cove north of Diniwid Beach which offers a good spot for swimming, snorkelling and quite dining. This is also usually included in the island tour itinerary.

Diniwid Beach  – This is a 200 meter long stretch of white sand on the northwest corner of Boracay Island. It offers an isolated and peaceful getaway, far from the noise of the more commercialized area in the island. Where one wants a relaxing and tranquil place to stay in Boracay, Diniwid Beach will provide one’s seclusion requirements.

Aside from the many beautiful places in the island, Boracay offers a wide array of activities other than lounging on the beach.

    • Wind surfing – Boracay is one of the country’s prime windsurfing venues.
    • Diving and snorkelling– The rich marine and aquatic life of Boracay’s underwater world makes it perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling.
  • Sailing – drifting around the island on board a banca or native sailboat (paraw), kayaking, paddleboating, yachting or speed boating will give everyone a better feel of the island’s world’s best beach waters.

Whichever way you like to spend your holidays in Boracay, there is nothing that will not make you wish for an extended stay.

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