Travel to the Island of Corrections – Corregidor

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Corregidor Island is one of the most memorable places that one should visit and see. This Island is a symbol of the Filipino and American soldiers’ courage and bravery to fight for freedom and justice during the Japanese’ colonization in the Philippines in 1941. This rocky island is located in the entrance of Manila Bay and was once named “Corregir” – a Spanish word which means to correct as this serves as a checkpoint, checking and correcting all the required papers of all ships that arrive in the country during the Spanish times. The Spaniards called this Isla del Corregidor or Island of Corrections.

The island is composed of three parts with the corresponding spots that you would love to see:

1) The Topside

  • Big Guns and Batteries – these guns and batteries served as the fighting weapon of the soldiers; three of which were dedicated to the American soldiers who fought and died in the service for the Philippines

  • Mile-Long Barracks – a ghost remains of the topside barracks which is three-storey tall and 1,520 feet long

  • Pacific War Memorial – it has a museum of the memorabilias and other significant things used in the island like spoons, flags, coins. In this place are two structures: on the right side is the circular altar and on the left is the Eternal Flame of Freedom

  • Cine Corregidor – the cinema house of Corregidor

  • Spanish Lighthouse – a small building with a spiral stair which was the highest point of the island

  • Spanish Flagpole

  • Parade Grounds and Officials’ Quarters

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2) The Middleside


This is where the following structures were once located but is now completely ruined, a deep reminder of  how the World War II had destroyed and killed lives of thousands of  Filipinos and Americans

  • Middleside Barracks

  • Military Medical Center

  • Filipino-American Friendship and Recreation Area

  • Serenity camping area

3) The Bottomside

  • Lorcha Dock – where Gen. MacArthur promised that he shall return

  • Japanese Garden of Peace and parks – a wide park with trees and green grasses

  • Malinta Tunnel – an 835 feet long tunnel, 24 feet wide and 18 feet tall that served as the headquarters of the military officers as well as a hospital that has 1000 bed capacity, and different statues that depicts the significant happenings and events during that time

Corregidor Island is a great place to reminisce the heroism of our great soldiers who brought us the freedom to experience and taste the wonders of the Philippine Islands. Travelling here is so easy as there are boats from the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, Roxas Boulevard in Manila which will bring you to this island. A colorful “tramvias” , a jeepney patterned during Spanish time with a tour guide is used for the whole tour.

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