Famous Dive Sites in Boracay


Boracay, blessed with a picturesque tropic scenery and view complete with a bed of white sand providing the perfect foreground for the deep, cool waters of the sea, offers more than just the sand and the waters. While it is fairly difficult to say no to the beaches of Boracay, there are many other pleasurable things one can indulge in when in this paradise island.

Diving in Boracay is not only exciting but gratifying as well. The small island offers numerous dive sites in their most unexploited conditions. The close encounters with the breathtaking, rich marine and aquatic life beneath the waters are enough to leave the divers in awe.

Boracay Dive Sites

Inexperienced and seasoned divers can both enjoy the waters of Boracay. Although Boracay diving is more for the experienced drivers to enjoy because most of the dive site have deep wall dives and there are a couple of drift dives which give the divers a different kind of thrill and pleasure.


Tulobhan Reef
For most divers in Boracay, Tulobhan Reef is apparently a bit shallow than other areas, but is also known for its slow and steady flow of current that makes for a more wonderful yet comfortable diving experience. Starting depth of the site is at 5 meters; maximum level is about 20 meters in depth. Get close to the sea snakes, eels, sea cucumbers, and also feather stars that live in this area.

Located right beside the Laguna de Boracay dive site at the east coast and so-called backside of the Boracay Island is the Tulobhan Reef dive site. The reef is surrounded by steady and slow currents but the backside is protected from strong currents. The Tulobhan Reef is accessible via boat or via swimming directly from the shore. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to reach the dive site by boat or via swimming from the shore.

Punta Bunga
Located beside the Yapak dive sites and the Balinghai Wall, Punta Bunga is a very calm dive site accessible from the shores of Boracay Boat Station 1 for only about 15 minutes. This dive site has a rich source of teeming diverse and spectacular marine life and sea creatures such as groupers, triggersfish, lionfish, and moray eels. With a starting depth of 9 meters, it reaches up to 24 meters maximum depth. Its drop-off point has a lot of cubbyholes where its magnificent marine life reside. This dive site is more for the new divers.

This is the most popular dive site in the entire Boracay Island. Yapak is actually a wall dive divided into four different dives located in the northwestern tip of the Boracay Island right beside the Punta Bunga dive site. Accessible by a 15 minute boat ride from the shores of Boat station 1 and 2.


The wall of Yapak dive site is just close to the wall of the Yapak 2 diving area. With a starting and maximum depth of 30 meters to 40 meters, its drop down point is at 70 meters. Swim with  groupers, dogtooth tuna, grey and white tip reef sharks, trevallies, and napoleon wrasses. Surface conditions may be a little rough at times.

Yapak 2
This dive site in just opposite Yapak dive site. The view at the bottom gives a spectacular experience with its diverse marine life like sharks, rays, tuna, nudibranchs, pygmy sea horses, and mola mola. Yapak 2 is for the more experienced divers with deep dive certification. The minimum dive depth is 30 meters and the maximum depth is 60 meters. The dive spot have mild to strong currents.

Laguna de Boracay
This dive site is highly recommended for both the expert divers and newbies. It has a depth of 5 meters to 20 meters and this is located at the eastern part of the island of Boracay. Different groups of fish and sea animals abound such as the sea squirts, feather stars, lionfish, anemones, clams, and butterflyfish. Corals, with a soft or hard texture, line the large diving area.

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