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One of the most progressive provinces in Mindanao is Davao del Norte, bounded by Agusan del Sur on the north, on the northeast by Bukidnon, Davao City on the west, on the south by Davao Gulf, and the Compostella Valley on the east. One of the seven municipalities of Davao del Norte is the Island Garden City of Samal – known for its white pristine beaches, great diving sites, and unexploited fauna and flora. Island Garden City of Samal is home to the world-renowned Barcelo Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Visitors will have a feast day taking in Samal Island’s unending charm with its white-sand beaches, well-preserved coral reefs, thick mangroves, rock formations and rolling hills. Located in the Davao Gulf, about 700 meters south of Davao City, Samal Island is an archipelago of nine islands. Its location provides a fabulous site for sunrise and sunset.

As all the other islands in Mindanao, Samal Island lies outside the typhoon belt, and enjoys relatively calm weather. With a coastline defined by tall, swaying coconut trees, white sand beaches, rock formations, mangroves, coral reefs, and small fishing villages, one cannot make a mistake of seeing a tropical island paradise.

Samal Island’s water is crystal clear throughout the coastline, the terrain of which varies from gently sloping sand beaches to steep cliffs and rock formations. Color transformation happens as the coastline at the beach areas turn from the green lush vegetation of coconut trees, to the white sandy beaches, to the dark blue color of the sea, with its deep waters and coral reefs.


Samal Island’s Attractions:

  • Mamacao Spring

    This is a beautiful place with small patches of lush green forest surrounding it. Clusters of nipa plants thrives downstream which look like sentries guarding the springs with its might. A giant Balete tree with engorged root formations standing like giant columns covers the place like a giant umbrella. The Mamacao Springs can be found in a foot of a cliff with gushing waters flowing down the shoreline. 

  • Monfort Bat Cave

    Some say that the reason why durian fruit is aplenty in Davao, it is because of the 1.8 million fruit bats of Samal Island. It is the largest known population of fruit bats in the world and they can be found hanging on the rugged walls of Monfort’s underground caves. 

  • Samal Island Mariculture Park

    This is the first of its kind in the Philippines – a 224 hectare industrial park on sea. Aimed at promoting mariculture as a major source of income for the coastal fisherfolks, developing large scale privately operated cage culture project, this industrial park is located in Sitio Leydao, Kaputihan District. 

  • Aundanao Fish Sanctuary

    This is located on the eastern coast of Samal Island and like most coastal areas the fish and marine resources were exploited in more ways than one. Before the entire marine life is wiped out, the coastal waters of Aundanao as a fish sanctuary and later on became a tourist destination. 

  • Leticia By the Sea Beach Resort

    One’s trip to Samal Island will never be complete without hitting the gorgeous white-sand beaches. This beach resort is just one of the many beaches Samal Island can throw to any visitor. The resort has creative cottages built overlooking the sea with beautiful landscape of colorful flowers and lush trees spread generously in the surroundings. Swim, dive, jet ski or kayak – take your pick and enjoy the rest of the beach and its waters. 

  • Maxima Aqua Fun and Canopy Tours

    If you are looking for some fun, new and exciting ways to enjoy the waters, then paying a visit to this place should be included in your Davao getaway itinerary. The experience gives you adrenaline rush as you slide towards the deep blue sea and the canopy walk view is just breathtaking.



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