How to Get to Sagada from Manila


Sagada stands at fifteen hundred feet above the sea in Mountain Province, 275 kilometers north of Manila. Considered by many as a remote town yet teeming with beautiful things to offer – abundant flowers, fantastic and unique architecture, thick pine forests, dramatic limestone outcrops and beautiful views down the valley, not to mention the temperate weather, the mystical caves and challenging cliffs, lofty rice terraces and beautiful waterfalls, delectable foods and delicacies, rich heritage and traditions, and friendly people. All these are reasons why foreign and local people who travel Philippines include Sagada as a must in their itinerary.

People who travel Luzon destinations will be familiar with the multiple ways of getting to Sagada. Travelers usually start from Manila due to the convenience of public transport that could bring them to Sagada. Victory Liner buses leave Manila every hour bound for Baguio, which is one of the routes to take when you travel Sagada. By taking this route, you will pass through La Trinidad in Benguet to reach Halsema Road, which is the highest mountain highway system in the Philippines. Halsema Road will lead to Mountain Province where Sagada can be found. Manila to Baguio will take at least 6 hours especially if you take the day trip. Night trip will usually be less travel time. The trip to Sagada from Baguio will take about 7 hours.

Sagada is also accessible from Manila via Banaue in Ifugao Province where the famous Banaue Rice Terraces is located. Ohayami Bus is the only bus operator that covers the Banaue route. Manila to Banaue trip takes about nine hours. This route is a good choice especially if you want to get a closer view of the Banaue Rice Terraces or even spend a night to explore the place. Upon reaching Banaue, you should catch a bus to Bontoc where you will get off at Bontoc Municipal hall. It takes roughly 2 hours to reach Bontoc from Banaue. A jeepney ride (about one hour) will take you finally to Sagada. Alternatively, from Banaue you can ride a mini-bus or vans that will bring you straight to Sagada in approximately three hours. Manila-Banaue-Sagada route takes a longer travel time but it offers a breathtaking countryside view and a relaxing journey.


Means of transportation going to Sagada -- Travel Sagada Philippines


The last route to get to Sagada is via Bontoc, the capital of Mountain Province. This is a 12-hur ride from Manila by bus (Cable Tours is the operator plying this route). The journey will pass through Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya and Banaue. The last stop will be at Bontoc where you will ride a jeepney to get to Sagada. It takes about an hour for the jeepney to reach Sagada.

For more adventurous people who would travel Sagada, taking their private vehicles via any of the three routes may be taken. Travel time may be less depending on the stopovers. If shopping for furniture and wood carvings is part of the itinerary, the Banaue route is the best option as they have the best and finest quality wood carvings and wood furniture to offer.

The adventures one can experience in exploring Sagada is limitless. From transit to the different activities awaiting a tourist and to choosing the perfect hideaway fit to a tourists’ budget and needs. It is definitely more fun and exciting to roam around the Philippines.

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