Potipot Island in Candelaria, Zambales


Potipot Island Candelaria, Zambales -- travel Philippines

A province in Luzon Island found in the Philippines, Candelaria is a third class municipality which is 42 km from the capital town of Iba. Candelaria is nestled at the foot of Zambales Range found in the east, and lies beautifully along the coastline of the South China Sea in the west. Here you can also found the cleanest lake in Central Luzon the Uacon Lake, along with the many beach resorts.

Five Minute Boat Ride From Potipot Island to Dawal Beach

Potipot is a small island – about 7.5 hectare, in fact, one can explore the entire island in about twenty minutes. The Island is located in the wealthy area of Candelaria in Zambales- very close to the mainland allowing tourists to reach the island in just 5 minutes by boat. From Dawal Beach as the jump off point, ride a boat going to Potipot Island, it will take around five minutes before one can reach the unexploited lush vegetation and trees which comfortably provide the much needed shade along the beachfront of Potipot Island.

Generally, underdeveloped Potipot Island managed to build some basic facilities such as restrooms, cottages and grill stations. Caretakers of the island make every effort to keep the island clean and in order. Perhaps the lack of modern amenities may somehow helped in keeping the island free from exploitation. While corals are not as impressive as those found in other islands, the marine life in Potipot Island is just amazing.

Potipot Island in Candelaria Zambales -- travel Philippines

In fact, the place is gaining prominence and popularity among local and even foreign tourists visiting nearby resorts include a stop-over to discover the natural and unspoiled beauty of Potipot Island.

On the other hand, visitors still need to book a resort accommodation in the mainland as there are no resort facilities in the island. But if you want some serious adventure or just simply wanted to stay overnight on the island you can bring your tent and camp out with other visitors who decided to stay.

Basic needs like food and drinks should be brought when visiting Potipot Island as there is only one store in the island with very limited merchandise. The island has no tent for rent and no electricity so it’s basically primitive living for those spending the night. The good thing is, there are cellphone signals in the area so you stay connected even when in the island.

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