North of Cebu: Bantayan Island


Located in the Visayan Sea, west of the northern end of Cebu island, across the Tañon Strait is Bantayan Island. Administratively, this butterfly-shaped Bantayan Island is a part of the province of Cebu.

Bantayan Island is Cebu’s concealed little Island Paradise, a beautiful island boasting of the powder-soft white sand beaches, unblemished crystal clear turquoise water and a lot of tropical wonders not quite like the other tourist destinations.

How to Get to Bantayan Island

Travelers need to take a flight to Cebu City in the Visayas region. From the airport, a metered taxi can bring you to Cebu Bus Terminal 2 near the SM Mall. Upon reaching the bus terminal, look for a “Ceres” air conditioned bus plying the Cebu City – Hagnaya route. The bus will bring you to the Hagnaya port where you can get get on a ferry that will go all the way to Bantayan Island through the port of Santa Fe. For most travelers, the hotel usually makes arrangements for pick-up from the Santa Fe port to the hotel or resort in Bantayan Island.

Getting to Bantayan Island is not hard or dangerous. You just need to be well-informed of the right time schedules for the bus, ferry, etc., so that you will not get to the island in the middle of the night with no one to bring you to the resort or hotel.

Getting the Best of Bantayan Island

Unspoiled by excessive tourism and over development, the white sand beaches of Bantayan Island remains pristine and undisturbed. At any given time on a bright and sunny day, a leisurely swim in the crystal clear blue waters can satisfy your senses like nothing you have experienced before. The beaches have a soft sandy bottom that offers therapeutic delight to one’s tired and aching feet. What’s more, the underwater treasures will give every diver a reason to untiringly marvel at the rich resources of the sea.

From the stunning resort at Ogtong Cave where travelers can enjoy the sight of tropical birds, lush tropical vegetation, the exotic flora and fauna that will catch your attention, one is offered unique Tri-Plex cottages of Beach Placid where there’s a room for any budget.

A break from the water experience, will get you renting out a scooter to meander along the lush inland roads to feel the liberating cool breeze amidst coconut palms stretched out and lining up the road. A 30 minute ride on the scooter will bring you to Bantayan Municipality, where you can get a glimpse of the simple life of the fishermen’s community living around the white sand beaches.

Some of the simple activities you can try when in Bantayan Island are:

  • Enjoying a leisurely walk on the White Sand Beaches of Santa Fe

  • Experience and enjoy the sunset on Alice Beach

  • Go on adventure with a scooter ride to Bantayan Municipality

  • Explore Ogtong Cave Resort, dive its waters and take in its surroundings

  • Tour the 500 year old Saint Peter and Saint Paul Churches in Bantayan

  • Snorkel in the crystalline blue waters of Santa Fe Beach

  • Island-hop to Paradise Beach or Virgin Island

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