10 Best Summer Places in the Philippines


The Philippines has gone a long way when it comes to tourism. Places like Boracay and Palawan became known to the international community because of the beautiful beaches, underground river, challenging diving sites with spectacular coral reefs, and many more. With 7,107 islands, that will prove challenging to even pinpoint the places you can start to explore. Maybe it’s better to start with the 10 best places to visit during summer:

camiguin island beachesCamiguin Island

Known as Fire Island to people who visit the place, Camiguin’s fantastic seascapes and landscapes have always made it the perfect choice for filming local movies. Enjoying laid-back country life, people who visit this place can’t help but make a silent promise to come back again to enjoy nature at its closest.

boracay islandBoracay

Still, another place that had put the Philippines in the top spot as the world’s best island getaway, voted by international travelers no less. The white powdery sand of the famous Boracay beach is undoubtedly world-class in terms of the facilities and services catered to foreign tourists. A wide array of water sport activities abound in the island. The entire beach area is packed with foreign and local tourists during summer, the Lenten season and the Christmas holidays.

burnham park lakeBaguio City

Known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, this city found in the northern part of Luzon; located some 1,500 meters above sea level. It is the only place in the country that enjoys a mild climate all year round, so people troop to this place for a comfortable break from the city life. Amidst the mountains and the sweet-smelling pine trees, Baguio City is not devoid of urban lifestyle. It is in fact a metropolitan city surrounded by mountains. Places to enjoy include Wright Park, Burnham Park and Mines View Park.

rizal boulevardDumaguete City

This is a small city near Bohol and Cebu. Tourists normally include all three places (Cebu, Dumaguete and Bohol) in their itinerary. The spectacular sunset and sunrise view along Rizal Boulevard is enough for tourists to love this friendly city.

hundred islands naional parkHundred Islands National Park

This place is also located in Northern Luzon, but in the lowlands. While the name suggests hundreds of islands, only 3 were developed for tourism – Governor Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island. Tourists will enjoy the crystal blue waters and the protected coral reefs, marvelling at the beauty of nature within reach.

sea food capital of the philippinesRoxas City

This is often referred to as the Venice of the Visayas mainly because of the bridge that connects the northern part of the city to the south, and somehow makes people associate the place with the real Venice. The city is also known as the seafood capital of the country due to the abundant seafood resources it has. People who visit this city are enticed to feast on seafood because they are cheap.

chocolate hillsBohol

It is currently enjoying the top ranking as the number one tourist destination in the Philippines. This is where you get to see the smallest living mammal in the world – the tarsier, the famous Chocolate Hills, Panglao Island and the Luboc River. All of these places promise a breathtaking view individually.

cathedral churchCebu City – Queen City of the South

This is a progressive metropolis in the Visayan Island – one of the three major islands of the Philippines (the other two being Luzon and Mindanao). It has an international airport catering to foreign tourists and business people who have offices in this busy city. It’s the jump-off place going to  Dumaguete and Bohol, two other places in the island of tourism value. Popular spots include Mango Avenue and Close Island. Tourists flock to the city during the colorful Sinulog Festival which happens every year in January.

Molo churchIloilo City

This city is known for its Lapaz Batchoy, a delicious noodle soup native to the city. Seafoods abound and progress is clearly making its way on properties which used to be sugarcane plantations. This is also home of the famous biscuits known as barquillos and biscochos.

davao tourist destinationDavao

This is where the Philippines’ highest mountain, Mt. Apo is found. It is surrounded by the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. It has earned the status of being one of the most livable cities of the world, contrary to some rumors that the region is an unsafe place to visit. A lot of foreign tourists love vacationing in this place and discovering the many treasures of Davao.

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