The Paradise in Samal Island


If one is hungry for white sand beaches and crystal clear waters in an island that hasn’t suffered from exploitation and over-commercialism, one has to see Samal Island. It is located within coast of Davao Gulf.

Samal is officially called the Island Garden City of Samal, a second class city in Davao del Norte province. It is about 2 kilometers away from Davao City. It is the largest resort city in the Philippines with numerous beach resorts and marine reefs. The city derived its name from the word “sama” which refers to the tribe of the natives who were the first inhabitants of the Island. Over time, “sama” became “Samal”.

And it is named by the Department of Tourism as one of the best visiting islands in Mindanao. Some of the stunning beaches in Samal Island include:

  • pearl farm beachPearl Farm Beach. This is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in Samal Island. It has powdery white sand and crystal clear waves. Luxurious facilities are provided in this particular beach area, catering to international standards. Hence, it is visited by tourists from all over the world.

  • Kaputian Beach. This is another popular beach in Samal Island, located at the southern coast. This white sand beach offers a great place for people who want to escape from the stressful city life. More affordable than Pearl Farm, Kaputian Beach provides a breathtaking view of the nearby Talikud Island.

  • Babu Santa Beach. Equally famous but not for world-class amenities, this tropical paradise which has maintained and preserved the exquisite beauty of the place; by not making it a modernized beach resort. The natural surroundings remained unexploited and unspoiled.

  • Bali-Bali Beach.  Unique from the other beach resorts in Samal Island, Bali-Bali takes pride in the tranquility, serenity and privacy of the place. This beach is located at the southwest coastline of Samal Island. And it is aptly named Bali-Bali because this word from Pangasinan means “beautiful”.

  • Villa Amparo Beach.Located at Sitio Dasag, Barangay Camudmud. It has white powdery sand and pristine blue waters. The place may not have the stunning view of Davao City but its sprawling 100-meter Fish Sanctuary is a sight to behold when one snorkels and dives.

  • kaputian beachCanidad Beach. This place chose to preserve its natural beauty as there are only rustic cottages and has no restaurants. Keeping the place untouched by commercialism is the best way to maintain its amazing scenery. The pristine blue waters lure tourists from everywhere. It’s the best place for people looking for a rustic solitude.

  • Llanos Beach. This beach area is a few meters away from Isla Reta Beach and seaport. It has a white sand beach perfect for a dip, surfing and diving adventures into the exciting waves. It is blessed with crystal clear blue waters.

  • Paradise Island. It is another favorite tourist attraction in Samal Island. It has 800 meters of powdery white sands and crystal clear waters ideal for watersports such as kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing and aquacycling. It has a playground for children and an Aviary located right next to the Children’s Park.

Isla Reta Beach. Despite the absence of fancy resort facilities, Isla Reta remains a favorite destination for people visiting Davao. The pristine conditions of the beach are enough to lure tourists in for a quiet summer escapade.

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