A Glimpse of the Colorful Underwater World of Balicasag Island in Bohol

Let this turtle tour guide and his/her two best friends take you to the colorful underwater world of Balicasag Island, Bohol. Watch the entire video, and we guarantee you will enjoy it as you encounter some really beautiful creatures such as an Orangutan Crab, Trumpetfish, Scribbled Filefish, Jackfish, Juvenile Boxfish, and Titan Triggerfish.

Here are some of the best comments on youtube:


 Great Vid, love the beat with the turtle, with such good vibe it feels like you’re flying not swimming! Subbed.

– Aquavidify


This is one of the best under water videos I have seen. Just stunning. Thank you. Looking forward to being back there in Bohol in less than 2 weeks.

– Kelvin Ham


I was in awe.. it feels like im watching it live.. thanks!! really nice…

– Khobarboi


Balicasag Island has a reputation of being one of the best dive sites of South East Asia and even in the world. This island is an absolute scoop and an ultimate destination for the aquatic adventurists. One can redefine the saga of adventure diving in Balicasag Bohol. Where the horizon meets the pep of your imagination and your romantic passion for the mother nature.

Video by youtube user: oceanic16




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