VIDEO: This is Camiguin Island in the Philippines

The nice climate and the steep hills, the widespread evergreen forest cover that is home to a wide range of different bird species, the amazing scenery and views, and the nice cool sea breeze blowing from the ocean, will absolutely make you feel relaxed when visiting Camiguin Island in the Philippines.

You can board a ferry to reach this amazing island or use a simple pump boat that are more common to access the other small islands within, such as the white island, where you can go for sunbathing or surfing in the mild waves. You can join the locals in game fishing and catch some fresh tuna and barracuda. The locals are friendly and hospitable and they can guide you around. To go around the island, you can use motorbikes or rent a minivan with driver to access various nice spots.

Some of the favourite tourist attractions in Camiguin Island include both cold and hot springs, the Katibawasan waterfalls with large amount of water plunging into the stream that flows around the island. You may also find various crops such as fruits and coconuts along the way to replenish your thirst.

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