How to Enjoy Your Next Long Haul Flight


Long flights can be draining and uncomfortable. By the time you reach your destination, you will need to recover from all manners of discomfort on top of jetlag. If only things were different, things could be different. All it takes is some bit of preparation to get you ready for the long haul. When you are done reading this post, you will know how to enjoy your next long haul flight. This list presents the essential items you must carry with you to make your flight a pleasant one:

An Eye Mask

In your flight, you will have different people who have various ways of getting comfy. Since you are not in a private jet, you will have to deal with those who want to read at an ungodly hour when you’re just sinking into your deep sleep. Reading light should not be a disruption in your sleep at any point. An eye mask comes in handy here. It will keep you protected from all that unwanted light and allow you to enjoy your sleep.

Snacks and Water

Taking your body through different time zones is punishment enough. You need to have a soothing element to appease your body. Water works wonders to fight the inevitable jetlag and keeps your body functioning properly. Snacks are also a necessity to enjoying that long haul. You need to satisfy your hunger whenever it comes on, considering it will be a long while. The service cart may not always be available when hunger comes calling.

Ear Plugs and Your Entertainment Gadgets

Soothing your mind requires you to be able to drown out external sounds. Your secret weapon to other people’s sounds is ear plugs. You need them to keep your sanity in some cases. Accompanying these are your entertainment gadgets which will keep you entertained through the journey. If you are a frequent flyer chances are you have gone through all the movies on offer. If your well of sleep runs dry, you need to have a fallback plan. This is where your Ipod, Ipad, laptop, and phone come in. They will supply your much-needed entertainment.

Gadget Chargers

Accompanying your gadgets should be your required chargers. Without them, your victory over boredom will only be short lived. Remember too that you want to be able to communicate or go online when you land, making it a necessity, so you are juiced up. Portable chargers come handy here too though USB charging ports are now readily available at your seat.

A Small Pouch

Your ID and passport are necessary documents to have with you at all times. You should keep them in a visible and particular place. A small pouch that stands out is as good a place as any. It will keep those much-needed documents at hand for whenever you need them.

A Soft Pillow

You need to be armed to set up your nest whenever you need to. Since you may not always land in first class (if ever), you will need to have an easy tool to go along with you on your journey. A small comfortable pillow will go a long way to giving you rest. It needs to be small so that you can take it in your carry-on luggage comfortably.

A Comfortable Outfit

It’s one of the important things to keep in mind when you are learning how to enjoy your long haul flight. Being cooped up in a long trip will require you to be as comfortable as possible in your outfit. Tightly fitting outfits should be kept at bay. Wear loosely fitting garments. You can also have an option of doing slip-on shoes or thick socks to give freedom to your feet as well.


Here, you need to consider that you may need a little help getting to sleep. You need to get a pill that will not give you side effects at the end of your flight. You could also carry some painkillers or any medication you feel you may need.

Toiletries and Other Essentials

You should carry the necessary supply of toiletries to cater to your appearance as well as your immediate comfort. This item could mean a disinfectant spray, wet wipes, a moisturizer, perfume, a breath freshener, as well as light makeup for your landing. Remember you are traveling light so keep the size of your toiletries as small as possible.

Notebook and Pen

You will need a notebook and pen to jot down whatever information you need or to write down inspiration. You never know what Eureka moment you might have during the flight. You will also need your pen when filling out your landing card. Being prepared means not wasting time upon landing when looking to borrow a pen.

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