6 Captivating Reasons to Visit Mount Pulag


The world is a majestic place to be in. When you get out of your normal environment and venture into nature, you understand why these experiences should be on your bucket list. Mountain climbing can be one of these things you enjoy of this world. If you don’t believe your stamina could hold out to get you to the top of a mountain; hang on. Mount Pulag gives you the chance to experience mountain climbing just as you are and will be yet another accomplishment for you. If you wonder why should you climb Mount Pulag?

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These are the reasons that will have you planning for that exciting climb.

No Experience Needed

Sitting at a majestic 2,922 meters above sea level makes this mountain quite a sight to behold. This fact should not be one to dissuade you from climbing it. The access road to the peak of the mountain makes it possible for you who is inexperienced to still manage the climb. While it is still quite a trek, you will be fine even if you are not an athlete. It is almost like taking a nature trail though you will still feel the challenge. The ease of the climb is increased if you have a tour guide to help you along the way.

Nature is Ever-changing

With extreme climate change happening in the world, make the most of what nature has to offer while it still can today. Climbing Mount Pulag gives you the opportunity to fellowship with nature up close, but you will never know if you still experience the breathtaking sights the next day.

The Need to Unwind

In a normal, busy life schedule it is rare to have the opportunity to truly appreciate nature. Mount Pulag gives you the chance to get away from all the noise, pollution, and crowd. Here you can be able to clear your mind and just soak in the goodness of nature. Surrounded by the quiet of the land you can truly be one with nature. It is an encounter the body always craves in the confines of fast paced lives. Finding that much-needed solace helps your body to recuperate and reenergize. The beauty of it is that even if you are hooked on to technology you will not have any electricity to recharge your devices from. The last ranger outpost before the climb is the last place you will have the convenience of electricity. From then on, it is you and nature.

The Perfect Timing

The right time comes knocking few times. With the way things go, you need to take advantage of the time you have now as it is never the right time. The pristine mountain gives you the opportunity to get one monumental thing off your bucket list now. The weather allows you a climb unhindered by foul weather and the temperature is not so chilly which makes you enjoy the surroundings.

Appreciate Life and What You Have

Mount Pulag offers you an opportunity to consider the goodness of the land. As you take in the multi-colored surroundings of grassland and trees, and as the purple sky takes your breath away, you are hit with the realization that you have a gift which gives you a revelation of what you truly have in life. The beauty cannot be taken for granted; neither can the wonder of nature be ignored. If just for this reason, you need to visit Mount Pulag to get this understanding. Maybe the sacred nature of the mountain helps to reveal this truth to you.

Witness the Sea of Clouds

At the very peak of the mountain is a sight to behold. As the sun rises, you are struck by the realization that you are above the clouds. As you look at the clouds stretching forth before you, this experience alters the way you see the beauty of the earth you are in. Your appreciation of the world increases as you observe the earth and the sun’s rays bath you unhindered by the clouds.

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